Looking Back - Reminiscing on The Toronto Christmas Market in the Distillery District


Being asked to be apart of the Toronto Christmas Market was the absolute best, most fantastic invitation we received in 2013. The Market had a reputation of being fun, busy and full of life - and it didn't disappoint!

The atmosphere was awesome as Torontonians walked around with their children, or pet (or both) in one hand while holding a mulled wine in the other. Life was very much present in those 3 weeks and it was a memory that we look back at often with only fond and positive memories. When we were asked to return in 2014, there was no hesitation - the answer was yes, yes & yes. 

Like so many new experiences in 2013, the ability to be present would not have been possible without a little help from our friends and family. Our parents, family and friends rallied and came to work, chill or visit our (outdoor) booth and with every friendly, familiar face was an instant memory... and perhaps a picture. 

Enjoy a few memories which were made and will be forever remembered of our first ever, Toronto Christmas Market in the Distillery. 



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